Additional SIP Extensions (10 Pack)


Add an extra 10 SIP extensions to your Hosted PBX system to accommodate extra staff.



As your business grows, you can easily upgrade your Hosted PBX system and add capacity for new staff by adding additional SIP extensions.

Unlike traditional phone systems, adding a new extension to your Hosted PBX is a quick and easy experience. There’s no need to wait weeks so a technician can visit your office and install special wiring or add expensive expansion cards to your PBX.

Your new extensions can be configured on a computer or smartphone using a Softphone application or set up on high quality desktop IP phones within minutes. You aren’t even limited to having your phones in the same office. Staff can use their extensions to make and receive calls from any office (even a home office) or while travelling.

IP phones purchased from our online shop will come pre-configured so you can simply plug the new phone into your network and start providing excellent service to your customers. If you keep
some spare IP phones on site, we can also configure those remotely to get new stuff up and running within minutes.

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